Theme of Research

Neurocognitive disorders, particularly Alzheimer’s disease, are urgent social problems that must be overcome as soon as possible. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying pathogenesis of the diseases are still elusive. Until now, we have succeeded to generate next-generation mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease, and are now using these animal models to conduct research focusing on the neuro-glial and brain-peripheral interactions. Our final goals are to find drug targets and biomarkers to overcome Alzheimer’s disease, and to develop preventive, therapeutic and early diagnostic ways for other neurodegenerative diseases.

Specific responses of glial cells such as microglia (red) and astrocytes (green) to the amyloid pathology (blue) characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease.(Saito et al., Nat Neurosci. 2014)


Takashi SAITO, Ph.D
Junior Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Masanori HIJIOKA, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Tatsuya MANABE, Ph.D
Technical Manager
Natsuki DOHI, Ph.D