Graduate School

At the Institute of Brain Science, each faculty member belongs to the graduate school they are assigned to. You can receive graduate education from the Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences. Enjoy cutting-edge research that is beyond the boundaries of research departments.


Please contact the faculty member whom you wish to choose as your supervisor.


Q. How do I get an education as a graduate student?

A. You need to pass the graduate school admission exam of the school you wish to enter.

Q. Can I visit laboratories?

A. It is possible. Please contact the representative of the research field you are interested in by phone or email.

Q. Do you accept external students?

A. Of course, we accept them.

Q. What is the ratio of male to female graduate students?

A. The ratio is about 2:1. The number of female students has been increasing in recent years.

Q. How many graduate students are enrolled in the program?

A. There are a total of about 60 graduate students enrolled in the master’s and doctoral programs.