The Institute of Brain Science was established in October 2019 to promote basic research in the field of neuroscience. In addition to elucidating the developmental mechanisms and functions of neurons and neural circuits, we are working on elucidating the pathology and etiology of various neurological diseases, studying diagnostic and preventive methods, and developing therapeutic methods such as drug discovery and regenerative medicine. Through multidisciplinary and high-level neuroscience research at the molecular, cellular, and individual levels, we aim to overcome aging brain diseases such as dementia and stroke, which are increasing in our super-aging society, as well as brain tumors and neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders, which are of great social concern.

Collaborative Laboratories

The Institute of Brain Science has established the collaborative laboratories to strengthen research activities and promote world-class research, as well as to establish a foundation for interactions among researchers and to promote research with new ideas and concepts. These laboratories are designed to accelerate research by providing a seamless platform for joint research and technology sharing.