When you think of memory systems in the brain, you may think they only store information from the past. In fact, however, the memory systems are critical to determine our future behavior based on the past. For example, the experience of studying hard and improving exam scores can lead to further study behavior. In contrast, the negative experience can reduce motivation for subsequent behavior and in some cases cause depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In addition, in dementia, the memory system in the brain does not work properly, making it impossible to perform normal daily activities. Our missions are to elucidate the neural mechanisms that regulate learning and memory and to develop how to treat memory-related psychiatric disorders.

Measurement of amygdala neuronal activity involved in learning and memory by using in vivo Ca2+ imaging.


Endowed Course Professor:
Hiroshi Nomura, Ph.D.
Endowed Course Assistant Professor:
Yoshikazu Morishita, Ph.D.