The first IBS Retreat 2022 was successfully held. 2022/03/31 +MORE
On October 7th, Dr. Naoko Kaneko will give a talk at the next IBS Seminar. 2021/08/14 +MORE
Position of specially appointed assistant professor in the Dept. of Neurocognitive Science (Closed) 2021/05/10 +MORE
Prof. Kazunobu Sawamoto has been appointed as the Director of the IBS. 2021/04/01 +MORE
Dr. Hiroshi Nomura has joined the Department of Cognitive Function and Pathology as a professor. 2021/04/01 +MORE


  The gene and neural mechanisms responsible for temporal lobe epilepsy. Published in Scientific Reports. 2022/06/16
  Uncovering how histamine modulates neuronal activity. Published in Scientific Reports. 2022/05/12
  Discovery of an 'Eat-Me' signal involved in synaptic pruning and maturation of new neurons in the adult brain. Published in Journal of Experimental Me…… 2022/03/18
  Dr. Kazuma Fujikake & Dr. Mami Matsumoto (Sawamoto Lab) won the award for young investigator at 2021 Nagoya City University Medical Society Meeting. 2021/12/06
  Prof. Takashi Saito received an award for "International Joint Paper Plus One Campaign" as part of the Nagoya City University Paper Award 2021. 2021/11/09
  Ms. Mami Matsumoto (Sawamoto Lab) wins Young Dojo Best Presentation Award at the 64th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Neurochemistry. 2021/10/18

The Institute of Brain Science was established in October 2019 to promote basic research in the field of neuroscience. In addition to elucidating the developmental mechanisms and functions of neurons and neural circuits, we are working on elucidating the pathology and etiology of various neurological diseases, studying diagnostic and preventive methods, and developing therapeutic methods such as drug discovery and regenerative medicine. Through multidisciplinary and high-level neuroscience research at the molecular, cellular, and individual levels, we aim to overcome aging brain diseases such as dementia and stroke, which are increasing in our super-aging society, as well as neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders, which are of great social concern.





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Glial cell biology


Cognitive function & pathology